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February 24-26, 2012 | San Francisco

Become known as the leading influencer in your field of expertise.

This 2½ day immersion experience is for women who want to change the way people think, and who won’t rest until they succeed.

Includes 12-month follow-on implementation program.


The critical issues of our times need women’s voices.
They need your voice.


Women of Influence


Imagine a world where your ideas are so well known that they shape how people think or behave. This is the province of thought leaders.

Thought leaders are deeply knowledgeable people who change the way we think about our lives. They influence us because we believe in their ideas, and because their ideas are readily available.

Women make up more than 50% of the U.S. population, but if you look around you’ll see that the people influencing policy, science, the economy, healthcare, and just about every other important area of our lives, are predominantly male.

Women’s voices are largely absent from society’s key decisions.

Being a thought leader is more than just about making money, or doing well in your profession. It’s about making a difference, by adding your voice and ideas to the important conversations that affect our lives.

And that’s the primary purpose of the Thought Leadership Symposium for Women: to put you squarely on the path to becoming a frequently quoted and in-demand thinker, whose ideas are broadly accepted.

Take your seat at the table.

You can make a conscious decision to break through the pack and transform yourself from excellent to that singular, one-of-a-kind authority that unmistakably distinguishes you.

Begin your journey at the Symposium — you won’t find any other event that can walk you through the process of becoming an influential, in-demand thinker.

It will help prepare you to fulfill your goal of making the world a better place — even if that’s just a small piece of the world — and to leave a legacy of ideas.

Many of us need a formula to attain a goal this far-reaching. At the symposium you’ll get structure, a step-by-step process for advancing your professional standing, and your own custom plan with clear, achievable goals.

For women only


As you know, women face added barriers just because they’re women. Some are so subtle that we miss them.

The Symposium is for women only, to allow for sharing common experiences unique to women and to let you examine the issues more deeply.

With a maximum attendance of 15 women, you’ll get individualized attention, an intimate atmosphere, and opportunities to spend quality time with fellow participants and presenters.

What you’ll get – a partial list

  • A personal step-by-step, accelerated action plan for becoming a thought leader in your field
  • A compelling draft write-up of the idea around which you’ll build your thought leadership
  • A branding concept for your idea
  • A solid book concept
  • An outline for an attention-getting op-ed opinion piece to submit to your local news publication
  • In-depth review of the critical success factors, traits and characteristics of thought leaders, and ideas for adapting them to your situation
  • Tools for identifying key markers that indicate you’ve achieved thought leadership
  • 12-month follow-up program for advancing your standing as a thought leader

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