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Extreme Marketing Tune-Up – Terrific Value at $900!

Think your marketing could be more effective? Not quite sure what needs fixing? My special Extreme Marketing Tune-Up is a quick, money-saving way to find out.

Specifically I will:

  • Analyze how you’re marketing and promoting your business now
  • Review your promotional materials (including your Web site if you have one)
  • Review your marketing strategy and “test” it for alignment with your business goals
  • Give you concrete recommendations for fine tuning your marketing, or suggest completely new ideas for you to carry out, taking into consideration your available resources

 How It Works:

  1. I’ll e-mail you a questionnaire to fill out. We’re looking to understand where your business is now, where you want to take it, who you want your clients to be, what messages you use to communicate about your business, what promotions you’ve carried out, and how satisfied you are with the results
  2. You’ll answer the questionnaire and return it, along with samples of your promotional pieces, press releases, brochures, sales letters, etc. I’ll also look at your Web site (if you have one).
  3. After I’ve reviewed everything, you call me for a phone conference of up to about 1 hour. I’ll give you professional feedback and action ideas, some of which you’ll be able to implement immediately.

If you decide after you’ve invested in the Tune-Up that you’d like ongoing guidance, I’ll deduct the full $900 off any service plan you choose. This one-time offer is good for 90 days after your Extreme Marketing Tune-Up.


Get more ideas for accelerating your marketing and achieving breakthrough results with this Special Report.