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Why hire Roberta?

Because you want to:

  • Be more focused about where your business is going and how to get there
  • Have a straightforward, realistic marketing strategy and plan for your business that gets results
  • Know who your best prospects are and how best to promote your services or products
  • Create effective, professional-looking promotional materials that feature a compelling message about your company and get you noticed
  • Get interviewed in the media as an expert in your field
  • Take your business to new heights
  • Be visible!

How We Work: Marketing Planning

Have you ever undertaken a major road trip without having a plan of where you’re going, how you’ll get there, and what you’ll do once you arrive? Planning to market your business is not that different from planning a road trip. To be successful and enjoyable, both require basic planning.

The strategic marketing plan I help you create is simple, short, powerful and realistic. It’s a plan designed to work for you and your business. And, like a roadmap, it has a starting point, a destination, and markers pointing to the route you’ll take to get where you’re going.

My marketing planning service helps you take a 360-degree look at your business today. We focus on your dreams, mission, vision, goals, capabilities, services or products, and areas that need to shored up. We also look at your external business environment – the factors that are outside of your control, such as competition, economic climate, prospect perceptions of needs, etc.

We may need to undertake “customer intelligence” to answer key questions on what your clients think about your business, or to get information on new target markets. And we’ll explore your brand identity – that is, how you want to be perceived and how you’ll communicate that identity to your prospects and clients.

Using this information I help you build your marketing strategy and action plan, with the goal of bringing you the success you’re aiming for!

How We Work: Creative and Implementation

I work with you to bring your action plan to life. We flesh out the specific activities of the programs and brand building described in the marketing plan. A vital step we help you take is to craft your key value messages that you’ll use in different forms in your promotional materials. (Value messages are also known as one’s “positioning statement” or “unique selling proposition”. Ideally, your value messages are from your customer point-of-view rather than a reflection of your beliefs about yourself.)

I work with you to create collateral (promotional materials) and other promotions that support the marketing and sales programs you’ve decided on. These may include: company brochure about your services, value and capabilities; sales letters; help writing articles and pitching them for publication in targeted media, or uncovering news about your business and presenting to the media (publicity); press kit development; and Web site planning and development. If you want, I will work with you to get you quoted in the media as an expert, become a better networker, or even help you develop as a speaker. Samples

Results You Can Expect

  • You’ll have a tangible marketing action plan that is realistic and doable
  • You’ll be clear about where the business is going, who your best prospects are, how to reach them, and how best to promote your business
  • You’ll be more comfortable marketing yourself
  • Your core marketing message that explains the value you provide your customers will be fully developed. It will hang together from beginning to end and be convincing
  • You may be recognized as an expert by the media. When your name appears in print you’ll have additional leverage for your marketing
  • You’ll have professional-looking promotional materials plus marketing strategies that are effective and that you’ll be proud of

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