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One-on-One Marketing Coach

If you want to generate more revenue for your small business from more profitable clients, you’re looking to save money, you want to achieve your goals sooner and faster, you aspire to be known as a “go-to” person in your field of expertise, or if you’re launching a new business — choose my hands-on, results-intensive small business marketing consulting-coaching services.

Working together one-on-one, you'll have unlimited access to my advice, ideas, guidance and support — via phone and e-mail — as I help you realize and even exceed your goals.

What You Get

 Everything I guide you to do in order to grow your business, save money, get visibility and be known, is tailored specifically to your unique situation. It’s all value-driven, meaning you’ll be better off from working with me.

So whatever your challenge, I’m there for you, guiding and advising you “in the wings,” so to speak.

What We Work On

 Working one-on-one with me, we’ll solve just about any situation you face with your small business. My clients come to me for a slew of reasons:

Increase revenues, save money
Save time
Achieve your goals
Do marketing with more ease
Be visible, be known, and get focused
Develop article topics and articles–I’ll help you write, edit, and show you how to get published
Create your marketing materials (logo, business card, letterhead, brochures, fliers, sales letters, announcements, etc.)
Press releases and press kit–I'll show you how to uncover your "stories," what to write and how to distribute them to the media
• Design and launch marketing and publicity activities
• E-mail and Internet marketing help
• Build your brand–look and feel, logo/identity, positioning, core value messages, company philosophy, reputation, how customers think of you and value you
Develop and leverage products for sale: e-books, books, audio and video programs, white papers
Get known as an expert or leading authority in your field
Public and professional speaking advice, presentation development
Solidify target markets, develop realistic plan for reaching them with your messages, track results
Pricing, special offers, discounts–what to do, when to do it
Web site–develop goals, strategy, online marketing
Craft phone scripts and business correspondence
Map out a realistic marketing strategy and action plan
Guidance with business contracts and deals, before you seek legal advice
Develop and manage your intellectual property (royalties, licensing, distribution agreements, etc.)
Best ways to handle client problems and keep the client

You Also Get

Scheduled and impromptu phone conferences and e-mails, fast-turnaround when you need feedback, my egging you on to follow through, access to my professional resources and networks, being sure you get desired results.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with my small business marketing consulting-coaching services.

Be Visible! One-On-One Marketing Coaching

gives you two options to choose from:
Premium (6 month format) | Gold (3 month format)
Both options are repeatable.


Get more ideas for accelerating your marketing and achieving breakthrough results with this Special Report.