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What You’ll Get:
Key Benefits and Outcomes of Attending the Symposium


You’ll crisply define your area of thought leadership

You’ll determine precisely what you want to be known for, how you want to make a difference, where you can be most influential, and what you want as your legacy. With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to step towards achieving your goal.

You’ll understand the traits and characteristics that underlie thought leadership

You’ll be able to assess yourself alongside a robust collection of attributes that will define you as a thought leader.

You’ll learn how to recognize thought leadership when you see it

You’ll analyze acknowledged leading thinkers in their field, which will enable you to assess where you are now, and where you want to be, on the Thought Leadership Continuum

You’ll write specific action steps to becoming a thought leader

You’ll create a custom, step-by-step plan that you can start carrying out even before you complete the Symposium. These action steps will make the process concrete, specific to you, and anchor your goal to reality.

You’ll give your idea a written foundation

You’ll draft a write up of your idea in concise, easy-to-understand and accessible language. The more accessible you make what you want to say, the faster and more easily your ideas can spread and take hold.

You’ll build a platform for making your ideas accessible

You’ll create a framework for developing your intellectual property (IP) into a cohesive body of knowledge in your field, whether in a narrow industry or to the public at large.

You’ll write a compelling outline or attention-getting title for an op-ed piece

You’ll get the tools, techniques and thinking, which you’ll apply to a topic on which you have a strong position, to create an opinion piece concept or outline.

You’ll pinpoint time-tested techniques for working around barriers that could hold you back, slow you down, or stop you in your tracks

Whether internal or external barriers, you’ll gain know-how on handling obstacles that can trip up even the most self-assured person.

You’ll learn how to quiet your inner writing critic so that your writing pours, rather than sputters

You’ll learn specific techniques for keeping your writing on a smooth course, in particular when you encounter writer’s block.

You’ll write chapter titles or an idea for a book or other intellectual property

With book authorship among the leading activities for spreading your ideas and establishing you as a thought leader, writing a book concept is a key marker on your journey.

You’ll develop or refine the brand concept for your idea

You learn to discern and apply a “look and feel” to your idea, which includes both the visual images and icons, and the words/phrases you’ll use in various formats, to present your idea (also known as “messaging”).

You’ll learn how to put together a master strategy to get you and your ideas increasingly known and talked about

You’ll determine which visibility platforms you’re comfortable with and are likely to be most effective, and you’ll outline a strategy for being visible.

You’ll assess your online presence and map a strategy for online visibility

Tying in to your master strategy, you’ll understand what you’ll need in terms of a personal/professional website, how to use the top three social media platforms effectively, and how to blog for maximum visibility.

You’ll get 12 months of follow-up with dedicated group teleconferences

We’ll dig deep into tactical issues, covering a different topic each month, to keep your progress on track.

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