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A Message from the Founder and Leader,
Thought Leadership Symposium for Women

I want women to succeed. Specifically, I want talented, deeply expert women to break through the noise and be acknowledged as the leading voices, or foremost authorities, in their fields.

Although women make up more than 50% of the U.S. population, their voices are conspicuously absent from the majority of key decision-making, idea-influencing areas of our lives.

My work as the catalyst and provider of tools for women to become thought leaders is to help end this undesirable status-quo.

Too many women toil away in obscurity — in academia, business, public life and the not-for-profit world — while making remarkable contributions. If their ideas were more widely known and accepted, these outstanding women would be helping make the world a much better place.

We need many more women in public discourse, for example, and as influential authors and authorities in the media.

This is my mission: that these women get the acknowledgement they deserve, rise to their rightful place as enduring thinkers in their field, and take that rare opportunity to leave a legacy of ideas that positively affects the lives of many.

Roberta Guise


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