Make Them Jump

I was mesmerized by a recent performance of Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony, The Pathétique.

This brilliant piece of work - Tchaikovsky's last, and befitting the title - has a lot of subtle texture to it, with long periods of string instruments that are smooth, brooding and dark.

Except for a few sections: periodically, the music erupts with the loud, crashing of cymbals.

At the performance I attended, when the cymbals explodedthe woman sitting next to me jumped in her seat.

It got her attention.

In marketing, it's your job to get the attention of your prospects and customers.

So take a long hard look at how you "show up" - do you see how people see you?

Could you be lulling people into a trance, or do they pay attention and want to know more (and become more interested in buying from you)?

A few tips for getting more attention:

Look at your logo, Web site, blog, business card, print materials, and other media.

Make sure that your company's personality shines through. Do this through careful selection of colors, images, layout, audio/video, and the written "messages" about you or your company.

Make your writing pop:

  • Use the active voice; don't say "the active voice should be used" (which is the passive voice).
  • Vary the length of your sentences. Short is strong. It's attention-getting. Balance the short with slightly longer sentences. When a sentence gets much longer, it has a tendency to get more complex, and complexity leads to confusion, which can lead to reader apathy, and you know what that leads to, which is something none of us wants to happen.
  • Write one-sentence paragraphs.
  • Or keep your paragraphs short. Reading on computer monitors, the eye can scan and read more easily with small text blocks.
  • Use words with few syllables. Words with more syllables, or parts, slow the reader down. Fewer parts, faster read.

For a more exhaustive list of ideas for making your identity, brand and messages get anyone's attention, read my article, "How to create knockout marketing materials that get you noticed every time."

Roberta Guise works with experts, small business owners and professionals who want to be extraordinarily visible and sharpen their marketing edge. A marketing consultant and speaker, she's the founder of San Francisco-based Guise Marketing & PR. If you'd like to know how to apply these concepts to your situation, call for a free 1/2 hour consultation. 415-979-0611.