Would you like to be known as an authority in your field?


Do fear, other feelings, or priorities hold you back?

Anxious you’ll be judged?

Fear you’ll appear to be bragging?

Worried you don’t know everything

Concerned you’ll come across as a fraud?

Feel you’re too busy?

In today’s competitive, always-on environment, where anyone with a smartphone or computer can quickly broadcast their message to millions, having a personal brand isn’t an option.

In fact, having a personal brand has never been more important if you want to stand out above the crowd.

There’s even more to personal branding than being known. You can use it to make the world a better place.

Imagine this: by intentionally developing your personal brand and growing your influence, you can positively impact how people think and behave.



Let me tell you about an exclusive
new program I’ve developed.

It will transform your personal brand and help
shape your reputation.

It’s always a good time to work on your personal brand, because your reputation depends on it.

You can’t control how people perceive you, but you can intentionally shape how you want to be perceived.

If for any reason you don’t believe in having a personal brand, or something is holding you back, consider this: if you don’t take certain steps to establish your brand and shape how you want the world to see you, the world will do it for you.



In This Program You Will Learn:

  • How to get clarity about your personal brand. I’ll show you how to uncover your story and present yourself in ways that work for every situation.

  • How to conduct a reputation audit. Although you can’t control how people perceive you, I’ll give you ways to assess your reputation both online and interpersonally, plus techniques for shoring up where needed.

  • How to establish what you want your reputation to be. I’ll show you the steps to take for shaping your reputation, so that you have maximum impact and get known as an authority in your field.

  • How to say “This is what I do” in a compelling way that’s memorable. Instead of boring listeners, I’ll show you some of my hidden tricks that will make you stand out and be noticed.

  • How to overcome any lurking doubts about your expertise. We all have doubts at one point or another, sometimes thinking others know more than we do. I’ll give you tools to use when doubt holds you back.

  • How to establish yourself as a thought leader. Despite what you may have heard, thought leadership is much more than writing a blog post. I’ll show you the mindset and steps to advance from expert to thought leader.

  • And Much More…




PERSONAL COACHING. Get unlimited advice, feedback and check-ins with me during the program (by email or phone).



Grow your influence and shape your reputation through developing your personal brand.



Be One of Only 10 People in this Program.


In this hands-on superclass I will show you exactly how to plan to grow your influence and shape your reputation through developing your personal brand, then walk you through the steps to get you increasingly well-known in your field.

Regular Price: $197
Special Price for You: $97

This 4-week program begins October 30, 2019.

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Who Is This for?

  • Consultants

  • Independent Professionals

  • Executives

  • Executives in Transition

  • Small Business CEOs

  • Anyone who wants to accelerate their career



Who is Roberta Guise?

Roberta Guise

Roberta Guise

Roberta Guise is a trusted advisor to consultants, experts and professionals on growing their influence and shaping their reputation through developing their personal brand.

She also guides small business CEOs on growth strategies and marketing.

Roberta went from dropping out of three different high schools to building critical thinking skills and helping clients develop their narratives to success (and got her BA and MBA along the way). She’s currently writing a book on personal branding and reputation.