Building your reputation is like swimming in the icy waters of San Francisco Bay.

Roberta Guise, Principal Guise Marketing + PR San Francisco Bay swimmer

“Hurts like heck when you first dip your toes in,
and gets easier with each exposure.”

Roberta Guise, Principal,
Guise Marketing + PR,
San Francisco Bay swimmer


When you first dip your toes in the infamous frigid waters of San Francisco Bay, it hurts like heck. However, each time you expose your body to the cold water, it gets easier, because your body and brain adapt to the extreme conditions.

As you get more comfortable in the water, you’re ready to challenge yourself, such as swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco.

Building your reputation likewise can feel uncomfortable, even painful at first. However, as you intentionally expand your public profile, you’ll find it becomes a part of you, and feels increasingly natural.

Explore how to grow your influence and shape your reputation through developing your personal brand


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Turning to Guise Marketing was a solid investment. Roberta Guise is a “hands-on” coach…she was supportive and encouraging.

Manny Ramos
Principal, Manny Ramos Communications

Roberta’s coaching helped me along in the process of fine-tuning my brand, messaging and web presence. She not only has smart ideas about branding, she has a great sense of style to match.

Candace Campbell RN
Author, Keynote Speaker and Actor

As a marketing advisor Roberta Guise reduces wasted time and effort, concentrating on areas of unique expertise that drive markets and enhance your visibility.

Ricki Pollycove MD