Small Business Marketing


Imagine your marketing leading to breakthrough results for you and your business.

The top three keys to attaining this level of performance:

  1. Being intentional

  2. Clarity on why your services
    are transformative

  3. Having an action plan you
    diligently carry out.

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Have you scheduled vacation away from home and planned where you’re going, how you’ll get there, and what you’ll do when there? Planning to market your business isn’t that different. To be successful and enjoyable, both require a plan or road map.

With a marketing strategy and action plan you’ll:

• Be laser focused on your business goals and
• Know your best prospects and how to effectively get your message to them
• Create effective marketing content and a compelling message about your company that sets you apart
• Know how to be featured in the media as an expert in your field

How It Works

• Working with you as your advisor, Roberta actively partners with you and is by your side, each step of the way.
• You get weekly guided sessions, and in between you have unlimited access to her.
• You’ll also have access to Roberta’s trusted referral network of professionals and experts.

Discover and Assess

• Using our 360º uncover meaningful insights
• Define your vision and goals
• Review capabilities, resources and key issues

Review Your Current Reputation

Use our Rapid Reputation Audit™ process for uncovering—
• How you show up online
• What others know about you
• What you want to be known for

Develop Marketing Strategy/Road Map and Action Plan

• Use results from assessments
• Set milestones, measures of success
• Craft action plan and visibility strategy

Implement and Accountability

• Carry out your plan
• Monitor, adjust as needed
• See it through

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Roberta is a true model of how one can turn a passion into a revered organization that changes the lives of others.

Brittany Bare
Founder and Executive director of
My Life, My Stories


Want to differentiate yourself from everyone else in the minds of your clients and prospects? Roberta's guidance is essential!

Loraine Huchler PE, CMC, FIMC
President, MarTech Systems