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Advice On Call

Advice On Call is for you if you’ve ever longed for access to expert marketing or personal branding advice with fast answers as the needs arise, or you know it would be extremely valuable to have in your pocket, ready to go.

How It Works

With Advice On Call you tap into Roberta’s marketing expertise when you need it, as often as you need it, for six months or three months. Both programs are repeatable . You email or text the issue you want resolved. Roberta responds immediately. She may schedule a call if she thinks a phone call better serves the situation.

Reasons To Use Advice On Call

It’s convenient. No issue is too small. You’ll benefit from the same kind of quality ideas, expertise and feedback Roberta provides in her one-to-one advisory services.

Use Advice On Call To

• Save money on marketing
• Save time on marketing
• Achieve your business or career goals
• Carry out your marketing with more ease
• Get ideas to be more visible and known

:: Grow your influence
:: Shape your reputation
:: Get focused
:: Develop article topics and guidance on writing articles
• Get feedback on content and marketing messages
• Learn how to write a press release and ways to use it
• Build your brand
• Develop products for sale
• Get known as an expert or thought leader in your field
• Gain confidence in public speaking and presentation development
• Set fees/pricing, special offers, discounts
• Access another set of eyes for your website, marketing materials, etc.
• Craft phone scripts and business correspondence
• Map out a marketing strategy and action plan
• Get guidance with business contracts and deals, before you seek legal advice
• Review your intellectual property before you seek legal advice
• Navigate effective ways to handle client challenges
• Tap into Roberta’s trusted referral network of professionals and experts

Investment for 6-month Advice On Call: $3900
Investment for 3-month Advice On Call: $2200

Your ears must’ve been ringing because I thought of you before my interview on KTVU TV, that I should be prepared and not go in expecting to wing it. It was very good advice, and the interview went well. I couldn’t have done this without you!

Mark Welther
Executive Director, Golden Gate Audubon Society